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Australian Crocheters Of Distinction

that you should know about

(see bottom of the page how you can submit a crocheter of distinction for consideration).

Ewa Pachucka

Polish artist Ewa Pachucka (1936-2020) lived in Australia from 1971-2000.  Her art works pioneered the use of crochet in textile and fibre art in Australia.  Her works bridged the divides between art and craft, masculine and feminine, domestic and public.  The 1970s saw a surge in interest in art works made from textiles and fibre and Pachucka was at the forefront of this movement in Australia.

 Click the link for the full article from January 2023 newsletter:   Full Article

Madam Weigel

Who was Madame Weigel?

Madame Weigel was born in 1847 in Prussia (Poland). She went on to become arguably one of the most influential persons in Australasia's fashion history. During the 90 years of her pattern printing and publishing business’ operation, 9000 patterns (high end and everyday) were published. Her pattern series spanned the period from 1878 to 1969, her journal was published from 1880 to 1950.

Madame Weigel’s pattern series spanned 91 years from 1878 to 1969, and her journal was published from1880 to 1950. She made over 9000 patterns for sewing clothing, homewares, crochet and knitting patterns. Dr Veronica Lampkin has researched Madame Weigels life and work for many years, and she has written four hardcover books to date which cover the many aspects of Madame Weigel’s career. Dr Lampkin was also the key speaker at the CGA Conference Banquet Dinner and she presented many slides and handouts of Madame Weigel’s life and work. Dr Lampkin named Madame Weigel ‘The Woman who Clothed the Australasian Colonies’.

Click the link to read the full article from our January 2022 newsletter.

When considering a person, ask if there is any historical evidence available for authenticity if the person is deceased.  For current living crocheters of distinction, please provide evidence of influence on crochet culture in Australia and or world wide.  Attributes to consider would be a person of good standing in the crochet industry, a person who has made significant contributions to the craft and/or a person who has promoted crochet for future generations.  Evidence of this may be in publications respected by their peers, event collaborations with other artists and/or significant deviation from standard crochet with their development of new techniques, styles and design capabilities. Provision of standardisation of Australian stitching, or platforms for crocheters to gather and learn. It may be someone who is not so publicly known but has for many years taught, and volunteered to pass on crochet skills to generations of people.

Evidence will be required with the application and the person who is submitting must also try to obtain permission for the submission from the subject.

If the person is currently active in the crochet community, they may be asked to attend recognition at an event, and their story published (online) on our website for future generations to acknowledge and learn from.

All received nominations will be considered and a decision will be made by the current committee at the time of selection.

(Although this is a place for Australian crocheters, we also will consider a person of standing who has spent significant time in Australia who has had strong influence on the craft.  That person may either be no longer be living in Australia or maintained a permanent residency).

To submit a crochet artist who you think has contributed in a significant way to Australian crochet history and culture, please complete click the submission form link below.  

If you prefer to receive the form direct to your email, please email: newsletter@crochetguildaustralia.org.au requesting.


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