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Have you got skills to volunteer for the National Crochet Conference 2023?

16 Jun 2022 11:02 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The National Crochet Conference location for Sydney in 2023 will soon be announced - along with the dates too!

It is soooo exciting - because we all know how much you love crochet.  So, like all big events - it takes more than just one person.  We are looking for volunteers in the following categories:

Boutique Yarn Market  Team:

This role is for those  who want to connect with Indie yarn dyers, spinners and  yarn shop retailers to invite them to participate in an exclusive boutique yarn market for the 3 days of the conference.  We will help you collate a master list of potential yarn retailers to invite, and then you will manage your retailers and co-ordinate their "bump in" for the conference. Don't worry, we have email systems and payment gateways to enable this to be a smooth process for all - but if you have ever wanted to build relationships with yarn retailers - this job is for you.  The team will be set a target of 20 retailer spots to fill.  This team will be led by Crochet Guild Australia Committee Member:  Rachael Cecil

Plenary Session content team:  Teachers/Workshops Demonstrators/Holders/Retailers/Designers

This team is for this who want to collaborate to build a programme  and/or be a presenter for the 24 plenary sessions that are available for all Conference attendees as part of their daily ticket inclusion to the Conference.  There will be 8 sessions a day - that commence every hour on the hour.  They will be held in a theatre that Conference attendees can come and go from as they like during the day.  These sessions will include such topics as:  Physiotherapy for crocheters, How to photograph your crochet items, How to read crochet graphs, How to write crochet patterns, How to use different software programmes to create graphgans and other such topics, How to adjust sizing when making sweaters, Crochet Travel and Conference opportunities around the world AND MORE.  This team will collaborate to build a fantastic programme of plenary sessions that will be worth the ticket price for Conference attendees.  Join the team to build the programme and source teachers for these presentations.  If you would like to present a session or hold a workshop that showcases your skills -  please contact Crochet Guild Australia Committee Member: Samantha MacNally  Please note, classes are separate to the plenary sessions 

Fashion Parade Team:
Fashion Parade Co-ordinators  will be responsible for devising a fashion parade.  You will reach out to conference attendees and invite them to enter their garments, afghans and accessories into a "Fashion Parade".  You will create the entry form, the order of the event, co-ordinate the music for the event, models if required, and write the descriptions from the entry forms from each entrant.  You may wish to host and compere the event yourself - or we can provide a compere.  Your job is to ensure that we get a good number of entries and plan the staging of the mini event.  We have the email systems to email all Guild members to generate entries - but we need someone to lead this team and create the event.  Please volunteer for this segment.

Graphic Design/Photography/copywriting:

We need people with these creative skills to develop marketing collateral for our event.  You know what this means without me even having to describe it. 

Can you please email Samantha MacNally to nominate which team you wish to join or lead.  In that email can you please provide your name, phone number and nominate which team you wish to be a part of.

Please let me know if you are based in Sydney.  This is not an essential requirement to be part of a team - but it will help if you wish to do a visit to the soon-to-be-announced Sydney venue for a site visit.

ZOOM Meetings will start in August to commence planning.

Please ensure your Crochet Guild Australia membership is up to date.  To join or check on your membership status- click here.

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