"Let the Sunshine In" Installation

Our guild has adopted the theme "Let the Sunshine In", for the inaugural crochet conference because we want to focus on the positive effect crochet has on mental health and wellbeing, which is more essential now than ever before. 

Members and volunteers will be working on an instalment in Yellow, the colour of Sunshine, on the Sunshine Coast. This instalment will then travel nationwide to bring hope. The whimsy of it being crocheted will share that subliminal message of hope and bring a smile to both those who see it, and those who help create it.

We all have been isolated for so long and our need to commune with other people is primal. If you cannot attend the conference in person, please be part of this wonderful community effort and crochet a motif or flower or whatever to add to the instalment.  Please send a little ray of sunshine from you to us and we will assemble them altogether and send the completed instalment on out into the world to do the same for others wherever it is displayed. We are adding patterns to the website just for this too.

You and your crochet group may wish to work on this together to send a larger community piece.

While recognizing and understanding that what may have been previously perceived just as just a craft, research studies have revealed that crochet paves a pathway to reinforce a sense of safety and predictability to us all.

Research has proved that working rhythmically with yarn can calm down that part of our brain that gets overwhelmed and anxious and re-engages the top part of our brain to help our minds make sense of the world around us rather than being adversely reactive to it which makes crochet the ultimate Mindfulness practice.

For this reason, we believe that it absolutely essential that crochet be shared with the next generation of Australians for the gifts it brings without gender bias.  By working on some yellow   shapes our hands will be busy and our hearts will be happy.

This instalment will be continually growing and will spread the word about crochet and its researched and proven ability to lift our spirits.

Thanks to Andrea Clements from Yarn Me Calm for being one of the researchers for the " Let the sunshine in".

Would you like to contribute something for the ‘Let The Sunshine In’

CGA Conference art installation piece?

You do not have to be a member, or an attendee.

It is super simple! Crochet something yellow either by yourself, with a friend, even in a group.

Remember you can send squares, Sun or Star shapes and other shapes, flowers etc.

Whatever you think can be joined to a large ‘Let The Sunshine In’ Crochet Art Installation piece that attendees at the conference can work on during the event!

Then post it to us by May 20th 2021 for it to be included. Don’t forget to add your name on the back. (Postage address in the image below)

If you are attending the conference this year, then don’t forget to bring some yellow yarn!

Click Here for Free Patterns For Let The Sunshine In

More patterns will be added soon

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